When Is The Best Time For A New Website For Carpet Cleaning?

If your reading this today I James Swanson, (son of Jim) launched another website.

  • When they have a discount you might find it here.
  • When they have a carpet cleaning recipe you might find it here.
  • Or simply when the business feels inspired to share a story.

I’ve been building websites for almost 5 years and trust me, I know there is always more to learn. When it comes to service, I think my fathers work ethic rubbed off on me a little. As a young boy I would watch him clean carpet and learn the trade. I always had more fun in the office painting pixels on their old Macintosh Performa. So naturally, I was the best choice to help my parents create an online presence. Then again, there is the brand I’ve been building for the past five years. Utility Advertising, my company, is primarily focused on the production of communication strategy for small business. I want to help small good names become more recognizable. Names like Swanson Pro Clean.

So the best time to think about your website is now, tomorrow and anytime in the foreseeable future. Algorithms are always changing along with trends. Building an integrated approach to help your audience know you’re still open for business.

Best Regards,

Founder, Utility Advertising– James Swanson II

Image of Website Author James Swanson II,

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