About Us

Thank You For 39 Years Of Referrals

We understand the value of your referrals and we love meeting new customers. We’ve developed lifelong friendships with our customers, providing the highest caliber of expertise that people want to share. We would like to thank you all in advance for becoming a part of the Swanson Pro Clean family.

From a simple start, serving the Denver metro area, we have watched Colorado grow. Swanson Pro Clean has refined its services since 1982, to not only create a healthier living environment but also protect your investment.

We believe that creating a clean and healthy environment is essential for increasing your quality of life. Your carpet and upholstery are an investment; not only in expressing your unique style – but also in the health of you and your family. Our specialization has been laser-focused on cleaning carpet, upholstery, and water damage because after 30 years doing everything from fire restoration, painting, and house cleaning – our excellence has been pronounced on cleaning carpet, upholstery, and water damage restoration.